5 Signs that Your Body is Lacking Water

Most of the human body is made up of water and other fluids which perform many functions from carrying oxygen to carrying blood to every organ of the body. Brain is one of the main organ that is effected due to lack of water which causes you to defocus and in long term it may cause psychological problems too. Not just brain every other organ will effect in one way or another. So here are 5 symptoms that tells you need to drink more water.


Headaches are sometimes caused due to dehydration, as we know 75 percent of the human body is composed of different fluids and water is the major portion of them. So if we don’t give sufficient quantity of water our body will not function properly and liquids like blood doesn’t move in ease.

Due to this the amount of blood flowed through our brain decreases and brain uses most of the energy in our body. Therefore, the brain starts to pressure more for water which causes headaches and even migraines. The low flow of blood also decreases the supply of oxygen to body which effects our brain even more.

So whenever you are having a headache first drink some water and even then it persists then reach out for the medicine.

Poor Concentration:

Brain is what that lets us focus, learn, think logical or what we do every day and second. As we said above lack of fluid flow to our brain causes the brain not to function properly. Poor concentration is one of the way in which our brain tells us to drink more water or it is craving for something. You see how unknowingly our whole body is functioning improperly due to the lack of water. Well you may be thinking by know why doesn’t it just ask to get drink more water? Well human body is a complex one and brain is said to be even more complex. So we have to just understand it and do our work.

Dry Mouth and Stinky breath:

Dry mouth is an easy to observe phenomenon that water in our body is decreasing, everything dries when they lack fluids. So you need to drink more water when your mouth is becoming dry instead of just applying some lubrication in your mouth.

Stinky breadth is also one of the reason for lack of water as our body is unable to produce more saliva. Due to lack of saliva more bacteria will be developed in our mouth and causes bad breadth.

Food Cravings:

Food Craving may cause due to lot of reasons but most of the times it included water as a substitute. Like sometimes it tells to get a salty food item yet which had good amount of water in it in that case just get some lemon water with some salt. Or it may be just a wrong signal sent to our brain or our brain may have received it wrong. Whatever the reason may be just get some water to drink instead of just trying to increase your calories.

Reduced Urination:

Urination shows symptoms in plenty of ways to let us know that we need to drink more water every day. One way is going less to washroom to piss which is mainly because your bladder isn’t full yet. Which is mostly because you are not having enough water to filter in time. So whenever you notice less urination start drinking more water which is healthy and give you fitness.

Colour of the urine give more information about the water in your body. If the color is clear or light then your body is having good water quantity. If the urine color is dark yellow then it is a clear indication of dehydration which is also more acidic and totally unhealthy.

These are some of the signs which indicates dehydration in your body and the time you should know that you need to drink more water every day.


Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of Drinking Water

As we all have steadied in our school that human body is mostly formed of fluids and most of it is water. Water is one of the necessary factor for proper functioning of human body. Not maintaining good hydration levels will cause the body to not function accordingly. So we here we have explained about 5 important benefits of maintaining your hydration levels.

Weight Loss:

In many research and experiments it is proved that a good intake of water daily will help in reducing weight. According to scientist water helps to burn more body fat and removes fat cells from the body by filtration. It is recommended to take at least two glasses of water before having lunch or supper, it will help to reduce the intake of food as the stomach is already filled with good amount of water already.

Removes Toxins:

Water acts as a detoxifier in our body and removes the toxins in the form of sweat and urine. Water also removes stones in kidney, due to less amount of water while filtering in kidney the waste sometimes gets together and forms as a stones. Having good amount of water while filtering will reduce this formation. It is very important for the body to maintain good level of water to work properly.


Drinking more water helps to flow more blood to your brain which carries oxygen and other nutrients for healthy working of the human brain. When there is less quantity of water in the body the blood flow is not very good and brain is one major organ effected by this. So the brain sends a signal to the body in the form of headache which will reduce once the hydration levels are normal. So whenever you are having a headache just take a glass of water instead of a pill.

Healthy Skin:

Many people have this problem of the skin being dry, low hydration levels is one reason for Dry skin. Not just dry skin water also helps to remove or reduce many other skin related problems like lines, acne, aging and wrinkles. Good water level helps the blood to flow easily through the skin capillaries and make your skin softer, smooth and fresh.

Bad Breath:

Bad Breath is also caused by not taking good amount of water every day. It is because having low level of water in the body will cause the body to make less saliva. Having less saliva in the mouth will cause the bacteria to increase tremendously. These bacteria are the reason for the bad breath, so taking good amount of water everyday will reduce it. Also drinking water flushes, the food particles struck in the mouth.

These are only 5 of many benefits of water there are plenty of other benefits like digestion, constipation, hangover etc. Overall all they say is to drink more amount of water daily. Drinking good amount of water will directly help you to come over many health problems and save you money in consultation fees.

Top Water Filter Pitchers 2017

Water filter pitchers are one of the most used water filtration devices, and the cost of the pitchers isn’t so high. Water pitchers don’t occupy much of the space and also fits easily in a refrigerator. If you do not have water filters like Reverse Osmosis, faucet filters then you should look into water filter pitchers to find the suitable filter. Water pitchers have storage capacity from 10 to 21 cups and can refill the water without any hassle. We have listed some of the best water filter pitchers below which are the top rated and most used pitchers.

PUR 18 Cup Water Pitcher:

Pur is one of the most reputed brands in producing quality water pitchers with top notch quality. Pur 18 Cup pitcher is having high storage capacity in all of the pur pitchers. It can remove most of the contaminants in the water like chlorine, mercury, and 19 others. Thus providing you with healthy and great tasting water and it is also BPA free. When we compare Pur vs Brita, it had many advantages in storage, size, and weight.

Each filter in pur pitcher can filter up to 40 gallons of water and need to replace filter once it reached the capacity. You can also replace the filter by checking the TDS meter or after every two months of filtration. The design of the pitcher is also done excellently with a focus on reducing the space it occupies in a refrigerator.

Overall it is excellent water to choose for your needs and good for a family of two or more than two.

Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher:

Brita is German water filter company with Pitchers and Faucets as major products. They produce some of the best quality products in the market. All the parts in the pitcher are BPA free thus providing the user with healthy water. It removes plenty of common and dangerous contaminants like copper, mercury, cadmium, Chlorine, and other impurities. Thus providing great tasting healthy water for you and your family. The capacity of the pitcher is only 10 cups which may be a disadvantage for a large family or people having frequent visitors.

Each filter can purify up to 40 gallons of water and once it finishes you will need to replace the filter. It is better to replace for every two months so you wouldn’t be drinking unhealthy water. It also takes less space which enables you to place in the fridge with ease.

It is an excellent water filter pitcher to buy for your home or office needs. You have most of the features require in a water filter. They are also available in multiple colors so you can choose a color suitable for you.

So these two Pur and Brita pitchers are most brought and had excellent reviews and rating from the customers. We suggest you to also take a look at our buyer’s guide for the more clear understanding of water pitchers.